Basic Things To Consider While SEO Friendly Website Development

seo tips by regal envision
Having a website is good, but not enough if you don’t rank well on Google. Most people who are not aware with SEO techniques makes simple mistakes which effect a lot in SEO. Today, we will talk about those simple but effective things.

Select Keywords

You must decide the destination before you start journey. If you have list of the keywords, it will easy for you to manage your content. Just imagine, how people will search on Google if they want something, which you are offing. For example, if you are working with SEO. Just imagine how people search if they want SEO service. They will never put just “SEO” as their search, but they will enter “SEO service in London”, “SEO service in Australia” or “SEO company in USA”. You can also get help of Google Adwords and pick the best keywords with high search volume.

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Create Pages according to Keywords

You need enough content on your website with all selected keywords. For which you can decide how many keywords to include on how many pages. You can target more then one keyword to a single page. But your content must have enough information about your business by including the keywords.

Select Titles

“Title says it all”. Your page titles must be attractive, according to the content. If you can include keywords in your title, that will boost your ranking. Adding the exact keyword in H1 is not a smart way of On-Page SEO, but you can make a nice title with your keyword.

Meta Tags

Add your keywords in a nice message and put it as Meta Description, create a nice Meta Title, etc. These things will display on Google Search and if your titles and meta content are attractive, it will attract more people to click on it.


Google robots can read all pages and links from your website with the help of Sitemap. There are many tools available, from where you can generate sitemap.xml.


When your website is dynamic and driven by database, you must need to take care about SEF URLs (Search Engine Friendly URLs). Instead of filename.php?id=001 you can make it proper like /products or /page-name.

ALT tags

Add alt tags with your images. You can place your keywords or write something about the image. You can simply write your company or website name in ALT tags if you don’t know what to write.

Do follow / No Follow links

You can add rel=”dofollow” or rel=”nofollow” with your links, so Search Engine Robots can understand which links to follow and which to ignore. It is advisable to put nofollow with external links.

Broken Links

Check your website regularly and if you find a broken link, either make it correct or you can put 301 redirect.

Proper Content

Your website must have real content which explain your products and services, instead of just writing content for SEO and repeating keywords, you must write content which is for readers and website visitors. The content must be for people instead of Search Engine Robots.

Just take care about these things when you are developing your website. These small things will effect a lot. All the best!