5 Easy Ways To Get Your Website On First Page Of Google

5 easy ways to get your website on first page of google search result
The most ideal approach to get on page 1 of Google and other web search engines is the natural, or normal, strategy. These outcomes can’t be accomplished by paying cash to Google – they are accomplished with careful and long term control of many variables that Google utilizes when positioning.

Utilize Keywords

Use Google Analytics to locate the best keywords for your business. At that point, utilize those keywords in your content. Try not to over-burden the content with the keywords Google will notice your site. Yet, you should utilize it no less than a few times. If the keywords you are focusing on really show up on your site in the content and titles of the pages, you will rank good for those keywords.

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Select the Best and Unique Domain Name

On the off chance that you can influence it to work, fit your main keyword into your domain name as the principal word. To support rankings, you can likewise utilize a nation top level domain, as .com. You’ll be rewarded for searches in your general area; yet doing this will harm your activity outside of your nation. Obviously this doesn’t make a difference if your business is local. The longer you’ve owned the domain, the better.

Nature of Inbound Links

If different sites are linking to yours, particularly huge essential site that have content identifying with yours, at that point Google will rank your site higher.

Outbound Links

The links you put on your site ought to be relevant to the content of your site. Google doesn’t care for odd links business that have nothing to do with your company.

URL Structure

The format of your permalinks ought to describe on the basis of the content of every website page. In the event that you have WordPress, select to empower clean permalinks versus id post permalinks. URL’s are better (http://example.com/blog is superior to http://example.com/index.php&id=32). On the off chance that your page URL’s are understandable, that is something to be thankful for.