Ecommerce software automated schedule FTP backup

Automated schedule FTP back up is ecommerce software specially designed to secure offsite backup. With the help of version control this e commerce software empower quick and easy online multiple file’s back up. This is designed in such a way that is automatically make zip files and upload your back up at daily interval to the desired FTP server of your choice. FTP spaces are of very low rate around $5 per month along with 10 GB space. Many companies charge less than $5 too. Automated scheduled FTP software can be proved as a revolution to offsite back up. It offers simple sign up procedure with out any complicated configuration.

It is not necessary you have to buy the place from this provider only, you can get the place from anywhere you want as the program don’t come with any attachment of any hosting company. This software can save both your time and energy which you can utilize for expanding your business. Since it is a scheduled FTP back up software there is no need of human resources, the program will automatically run on configured time on daily basis to upload files, delete unnecessary files on FTP servers. So you can say this is the perfect offsite back up tool.

Automated Ftp back up software is designed in such a way with high quality code to deliver powerful features with stability and durability. This can upload 500 GB of data to the FTP server that handle large transfer. This is tested and certified software. It uploads data in seconds of time and simultaneously sends you a mail regarding the same.

This is the only software that allows you to sleep with out tension at night, knowing that your offsite back up is secure even if the facility burns off your data is secure anyway.