Ecommerce software automated schedule FTP backup

Automated schedule FTP back up is ecommerce software specially designed to secure offsite backup. With the help of version control this e commerce software empower quick and easy online multiple file’s back up. This is designed in such a way that is automatically make zip files and upload your back up at daily interval to the desired FTP server of your choice. FTP spaces are of very low rate around $5 per month along with 10 GB space. Many companies charge less than $5 too. Automated scheduled FTP software can be proved as a revolution to offsite back up. It offers simple sign up procedure with out any complicated configuration. (more…)


Ecommerce-future of e technology

Future of ecommerce technology

As internet marketing growing in worldwide more people are turning to computer to buy and sell wide array of commodity and service. The key factor why people prefer ecommerce is you can get millions of customers from all countries as name suggests itself, World Wide Web.

To deal with ecommerce there are many leading companies who will help you by providing software as more than 1000 organizations across worldwide are using ecommerce software to conduct a business online. This software is 100% protected, dominant, and perceptive yet user friendly. Ecommerce software are totally self managed once you set it according to your need, you don’t require looking after it every now and then. (more…)

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