5 reasons why hire remote staff from Indian Company

5 reasons why hire dedicated employee from Indian Company
Many companies started hiring dedicated employee instead of in-house team. “Why?” This may be a biggest question. Employees are the strength of the company and number of employees display the size of the company. When you hire dedicated employee, it will make your company bigger, but virtually not physically. Still, here are the 5 answers to the question “Why?”

1. Save Investment

When you hire a remote employee, it saves lots of money which requires to provide facilities to your employees like a computer system, internet, electricity, office space, other expenses like tea/coffee etc. Basically these are the hidden expenses but when you count them all together, it will make a big difference. Plus, it will also save expenses behind the hiring process like placement consultancy fees, HR costs, advertisements, etc.

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2. Benefit of a team and helping

If you don’t have a big team and you hire an employee, it is natural you will not get the quality work because he is alone or he is not surrounded by a team of experts. The person, whether he is experienced or fresher, must need a culture of experienced people, for which you need to invest lots of money. If you are a new start-up with limited budget, it is always good to hire dedicated remote employee. This way, you are hiring one employee, but that person is surrounded by many other people.

3. Concentration on sales

If you have an in-house employee, you have to manage everything by your self or you need a project manager or team leader. While if you have a remote employee, the person will manage all the work by himself, you can just put him an email, spent sometime for chat and that’s all. If you are hiring employee from a company like Regal Envision, a senior or team leader always be there to help him. This will help you to concentrate only on sales and manage clients. When you can save time behind employee management, you can spent more time for your business growth.

4. Low salary – More experience

How much a well experienced person will cost you if you hire a local candidate at USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada and other countries? What if you can get more experienced employee with half salary, sometime more then half salary! For example, if a 1 year experience web developer will cost $3000/month in USA, you can hire same experienced employee from India for $1200 – 1500/month. This is one of the biggest benefit, if you hire employee on dedication.

5. Replacement

If you are hiring an employee on dedication, many companies like Regal Envision offers a facility of employee replacement. If you are not happy with the work quality, you can ask for replacement. If the employee is on leave for long time, company can provide replacement, so your projects can continue without break.

These are just basic 5 points which explains why to go with dedicated remote employees but there are many more benefits, which you can experience by hiring one from Regal Envision. So, why wait, simply contact us and let’s get started!