10 Best Tips to Write an Article

how to write article for SEO

A perfect post or an article is essential part of any content driven web site. It is very crucial thing to build loyal relationship with SEO. Thus if an article is like a challenging task for you, here are some of the best tips about how to write best article which will be useful to you while dealing with article writing:

  1. Simplify the matter means don’t make a copy from lot many topics. This can be done by concentrating on a single word and creating your own outline from that. Done be multi tasking person while writing an article else you will loss your concentration and there will be more errors.
  2. Try to be your own audience means see the article from the view point of brand new audience. Be as natural and simple as possible while explaining the matter. Don’t write lengthy at the starting point just try to write rough thinks so that you can get better idea and then go for little changes with perfect sentences, grammar and punctuations.
  3. Avoid using long sentences that won’t make sense in stead of this try to make a short and simple one and to the point so that you can convey your message to desired community. The same key factor can be implemented with paragraph as well also don’t go for lengthy paragraphs.
  4. Write the heading or title of the article that catches the readers mind. The title should be attractive and totally different from routine words.
  5. Take the time to add images, thumbnails because an image can tell more than a word. If you use image then your targeted audience understand the matter very easily.
  6. Use different links in the articles to tell more to the community about the article, the meaning is link them with various matters.
    Don’t forget, article writing skill demand talent not time. So be skillful about writing and don’t waste hours on a single topic just have a basic idea about the topic and start with a smart work.
  7. The most important thing is don’t be negative, always be positive about the matter while you are dealing even with negative title. Always go for positive stuffs for the negative point.
  8. You can also format your article in several ways to convey the exact matter or word to the audience like bold the key word, use different kind of bullets to show the points, make use of different colors and lot many other stuff.
  9. Make a research for the topic and then start writing, don’t start writing apparently without knowledge of the topic for which you are writing. Always write related matter in the article not like you just finished it up with useless and meaningless unrelated words.
  10. The last but not least is after finishing the article read it loudly and carefully so that you can find out mistakes, if any. Also check the flow should be continuous not like reader feels something is lacking.