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We are a team of creative, innovative and technical specialists which tremendously adore about the Design and Web industries. Our success can be attributed to many things, but we like to think it's just because of the great relationships that we keep with our clients and the quality work we provide.

Working directly with our clients, understanding their requirements, getting to know their targets, and meeting their expectations, allows us to deliver highly successful and performance results. We put all our heads together and start every project with a blank print, which turns into a unique and original approach. The work, on our site will show you instances how creative and imaginative we can be. We can take your project from the most basic ideas and carry them all the way forward to deliver a successful conclusion that is customizing your needs.

We don't want to say that we're a great imaginative, creative, artistic team, we want to show you! There always has to be a beginning, whether it is the beginning of a new company, a new organization or a new product. One of the first steps to take is to create a visual identity. No matter how small or insignificant you feel your venture is in comparison to today's global market, we can help you to install the foundation that will ensure your brand can reach out to people on all levels. A visual identity creates an element of recognition and builds a relationship that allows others to relate to your organization or your product from other competitors.


How we are different?

  • Powerful Envision We don't just imagine, but able to implement too

    We are capable to convert your thoughts to solutions! We can make your dream come true by delivering desired output.

  • Way of Presantation your business is depends on your showcase

    It's truly said "how you represent, matters a lot". We represent your business on your website in such a way that, your potential audience can easily make out which type of business you are in.

  • 11 / 10 Get the best ROI

    by this we mean that we are bound to deliver more than you expect from our team.

  • Commitment We value your requirement and time

    Be assured that you are investing your time by giving us pleasure to serve for your business. We committed in time and requirement.

Skills & Expertise

RegalEnvision has experts for various tools, softwares and languages. We are skilled in Designing of theme based layouts, Developing of user-friendly websites, Online marketing by SEO and Mobile application development.


  • Responsive Designs
  • CMS Themes/Templates
  • Branding & Identity
  • Mobile App Design


  • HTML & CSS3, Javascript / Jquery
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Plugins and Component customization for CMS
  • Mobile Application Development


  • On-Page Activities
  • Off-Page Activities
  • Social Media Marketing / Optimization
  • Reputation Management

Online Marketing

  • PPC Campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Client Support and Management

Way of Working

How you work is very important for what you will get. Our way of working will describe how professional we are!


To understand your requirement

To produce something perfect, it is very important to understand it properly. When we get a requirement from the client, our first step is to analyse the requirement. How we preside, what will be the first step, which platform will be the best, how can we make it cost effective, what are the current and latest updates, how to make it user friendly, how to provide the best ROI to our clients, etc.

Getting Started

The first step

We discuss each and everything with our customers and then we are ready to go ahead. How you started will decide how it will end! So the first step always matters. We start working on the requirement with a deadline in our mind and we plan everything from the very first day, so we can deliver the work in given time frame.

Discussion and Communication

Work in progress & Between the process

We always keep a communication with our client during the project. We send updates of the work, discuss the next step and get feedback on the work completed. This will help us to make sure that we are going on the right track and also help our client to make sure that he is getting exactly what he wants.


Reports and Final Submission

And the final step is delivery – delivery on time. From the very first day of the project, we decide a deadline and force the work in a right track so we reach the destination on time. While our client is already getting updates of the work regularly, it will be easy for both of us at the time of final submission.

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